Thai Massages types and Pricelist

Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai Massage is an ancient healing art. It has a unique series of techniques - working pressure points in the body. It relieves pain, strain, headache, migraine, stiff neck, and other psychical problems. Thai massage promotes healing, mental relaxation and blood circulation.

30min499,- Kč
60min799,- Kč
90min1199,- Kč
120min1399,- Kč

Oil Massage

In Thailand this type of massage is also called Swedish massage. We use very gentle techniques massaging essential oils into your muscles. Oil massage is efficient and effective in relieving strain and tension. Further, it is good for the skin.

30min599,- Kč
60min979,- Kč
90min1349,- Kč
120min1690,- Kč

Foot Massage

An ancient Chinese healing art, Reflexiology involves massaging and stimulating specific points on your feet to relieve tension. It improves blood circulation and promotes natural healing.

30min499,- Kč
60min799,- Kč


In traditional Thai medicine, herbs are used to complement massages that treat illnesses. It is good for all muscle pains and sprains, improve blood circulation in muscle / pain areas.

30min689,- Kč
60min1299,- Kč


30 min massage through shoulders, neck, head, and face that helps against headache, migraine and stiff neck.

30min569,- Kč


60 min massage consisting of a combination of oil & foot massage that has a positive effect on blood circulation and helps against stress.

899,- Kč


60 min combination of the most helpful techniques of Thai & oil massage - concentrated on back pain & strained muscles -wonderful relaxation & revitalization.

999,- Kč


60 min combination of Thai & Foot massage to improve range of motion, relieve pain and liberate energy - has a positive effect on the nervous system and therefore on the health of the internal organs.

950,- Kč


90 min relaxing and restorative massage that combines the sense of smell and the healing values of touch (Thai, Oil & Herb) - promotes good health and emotion well being.

1650,- Kč